quarta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2014

Podcast: Ronnie McKenzie Explains How to Identify a Real Meteorite – and Not Get Scammed

Ronnie McKenzie, author of Meteorites: A Southern African Perspective, spoke to Crystal Clear Radio about meteorites and how to identity them.

McKenzie has been collecting and studying meteorites for over 20 years, and says amateur collectors must be careful.

“There are a lot of meteor-wrongs that people try to pass off as meteorites,” McKenzie says, “and there’s a lot of scamming and people trying to sell you things as meteorites that are not meteorites.”

According to McKenzie, hematite, magnetite and basalt are three type of rock that are often passed off as meteorites, especially basalt, which can be slightly magnetic. Listen to the podcast to find out how to identity a real meteorite.

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