quinta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2013

Meteorite hunter, NASA scientists scour Tucson for fragments

TUCSON - Meteor hunters and assorted scientists are scouring Tucson looking for fragments of a meteor that crashed into the atmosphere Tuesday night.

The large meteor entered the atmosphere over Phoenix and broke up over Marana just after 7 p.m., meteorite hunter Robert Ward said.

Here's YouTube video from Phoenix of the event:
News 4 is joining Ward and other scientists in their search for the meteorite fragments today. They're searching the northwest part of town for its remnants.
Ward joins a team from NASA and the American Meteor Society in their quest.

The American Meteor Society's website has registered 34 eyewitness reports of the fireball so far. People have logged observations from Durango, Santa Fe and Las Vegas.

Source: http://www.kvoa.com

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