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Rare Pallasite Meteorite Discovered in Crawford County, Ohio

A Pallasite Meteorite was discovered in Crawford County, Ohio. The meteorite weighs 59 pounds. It was discovered in a farm field while they were laying new field tile. Recently, the farmer brought the meteorite to Lowe Volk Park at a monthly astronomy event. Two members of the Richland Astronomical Society examined the rock and confirmed it was a
meteorite. Further examination led to the conclusion that it was a Pallasite Meteorite. This is a very rare find and possibly the first in Ohio.

A meteorite is material left over from the creation of our solar system that has entered earth’s atmosphere and fallen to the earth. Most meteorites come from the Asteroid Belt located between Mars and Jupiter. Most meteorites are stony and contain iron. Iron meteorites contain a high percentage of iron and are easier to identify but they are rare. A Pallasite is a type of iron meteorite that contains a mineral called Olivine. Olivine is a green or amber colored crystal mineral. A Pallasite meteorite is thought to originate from the core-mantle boundary of a large asteroid.

On Saturday, September 8th at 1:00PM the meteorite will be on display at Lowe Volk Park Nature Center, 2401 SR 598, Crestline, OH. There will be a lecture on meteorites and several other types of meteorites will be on display. At 8:00 pm members of the Richland Astronomical Society will lead a monthly astronomy program. Both of these programs are great
family events.

Article by Patti Schiefer
Fonte: Bucyrus Online

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